Welcome Note from the President of ISANH Middle East

Richard G Maroun

Welcome to ISANH-Middle East,

The aim of ISANH Middle East is to gather all stakeholders in the antioxidants field, having impact on nutrition and health, in the Middle East region.

Scientists, Physicians, Nutritionists and Professionals, working in Medical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food and Beverage or Biotechnologies industries are the most welcome to join our community.

As we all know, antioxidants are compounds that can be found in many products. They can even be extracted from coproducts and organic waste. Moreover, their added value is high and remarkable on different levels, particularly on health. Valorizing these molecules on a large scale helps the creation of a societal health which highly contributes to a sustainable food chain from an environmental and economical point of view and to better understand the impact of antioxidants on our cellular mechanisms especially in preventing different types of diseases. 

In the Middle East, important amounts of antioxidants can be obtained from different resources. In addition, many researchers, academicians and professionals are interested by these compounds. Therefore, the idea of creating ISANH-ME, during previous ISANH international meetings, emerged. This regional society will be directly affiliated to the international one and will be supporting all members in their projects. In fact, we aim to benefit from the experience and expertise of one another by creating a regional network to exchange knowledge and how to do skills. Another objective of ISANH-ME would be to organize regular gatherings within the region and to support the participation of regional candidates in international activities. Furthermore, we believe that ISANH-ME would allow bringing together researchers and professionals, in order to encourage technical transfer and exchange between experts and industrials. This collaboration helps valorizing the remarkable talents found largely in our eastern societies.

Finally, I take the opportunity to announce you that the third ISANH-ME gathering is already planned to take place in Amman, Jordan next May 2018. We are counting on your active participation. We hope this meeting will be the occasion to highlight our work, expand the network and connect engaged and motivated people, in order to build a most prosperous Middle East.

Pr Richard G. Maroun
Dean of Faculty of Sciences
Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
Chairman of ISANH-Middle East