Cancer and Redox: Recent Advances and Strategies

Martin Bergo Isanh middle eastProf. Martin Bergö from Salhlgrenska Cancer Center, Sweden will give a strategic presentation during the ISANH Middle East World Congress 2019 about "Cancer and Redox: Recent Advances and Strategies".

Cancer cells must overcome barriers of oxidative stress for efficient tumor progression. For their main strategy, cancer cells activate NRF2; but ROS-mediated barriers can also be overcome by antioxidant supplementation of the diet. Consequently, their team and others have demonstrated that antioxidant supplementation—and also NRF2 activation—accelerate the progression of primary tumors in mouse models of lung cancer. However, we don’t yet know whether antioxidants would influence lung cancer metastasis. In this talk Prof. Bergö will present a new mechanism underlying lung cancer metastasis which is activated under conditions of low oxidative stress.


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