Oman will host 4th ISANH Middle East World Congress

The International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH) and ISANH Middle East, are pleased to announce the organization of the 4th ISANH Middle East Redox World Congress which will be held in Oman, in March 4-6, 2019.


Druing Oman Redox 2019, we will discuss the following Topics:

  • Session 1: Oxidative Stress & Antioxidants in Health & Medicine
  • Session 2: Practical Applications of Antioxidants in Clinic
  • Session 3: Practical Applications of Antioxidants in Food & Beverage Industries
  • Session 4: Ageing, Oxidative Stress & Antioxidants: Recent Advances & Perspectives
  • Session 5: Dietary Supplements in the Middle East


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