Presentation of a Phase I study: Tolerability and safety of conjugated indole-3-carbinol and folic acid as a novel food in patients at risk for prostate cancer progression

vincenzo baylonI3C is a very active molecule but it presents limits that often prevent their success. Most common problems are low half-life, due to rapid kidney clearance and to rapid inactivation by metabolic enzymes, instability in water and pH gastric, low molecular weight, low water solubility (7 mg/ml, insoluble in cold water) and low selectivity towards cancer cells.

During Beirut Antioxidants World Congress, Pr Vincenzo Baylon, Scientific Director at Newton Lewis Institute-ISR – Life Science Park, Maltawill present this study during which a series of PEG–Indol-3-carbinol conjugates were synthesized in order to overcome some of the limits of I3C, especially the low molecular weight ones.
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