Valorization of Industrial By-products: Assessing the impact of polyphenols on biogas production, using grape pomace

zeina hobaikaDr Zeina Hobaika from Saint Joseph University of Beirut will give a strategic presentation about the importance of valorization of industrial by-products.

According to Dr Hobaika: "The development and the use of vegetal biomasses as energy source are currently encouraged worldwide, as part of a sustainable valorization of biomass resources in a future bio-based economy. In this context, anaerobic digestion is one of the key elements in the current energy transition. In our research, we have focused on the byproducts of winemaking, especially grape pomace (GP). Its conversion into methane is a promising possibility given that the current methods of valorization have limited markets and can absorb only a limited portion of the produced waste. However, no previous study assessed the impact of the biochemical components of GP on the biogas production, optimizing thus the valorization of GP. In the present study, nine different varieties of deseeded grape pomace were analyzed for the biochemical composition of the raw material (total solids, volatile matter, total chemical oxygen demand, cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, total soluble compounds and polyphenols). [...]".

The results of this study will be presented during Beirut Antioxidants World Congress: