Alzheimer’s disease and oxidative stress: Presentation of the recent advances and strategies

Rami Bou Khalil

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a chronic neurodegenerative disorder with several suggested etiologic pathways. However, all these pathways lead to a common pathway that is initiated by the presence of vascular risk factors that induce brain tissue hypoxia, which leads to endothelial cell activation. Hypoxia stimulates the production and release of reactive oxygen species and pro-inflammatory proteins. Furthermore, the endothelial activation may become excessive and dysfunctional in predisposed individuals, leading to thrombin activation and iron ion decompartmentalization. The oxidative stress that results from these modifications in the neurovascular unit will eventually lead to neuronal and glial cell death.

During Beirut Antioxidants World Congress, Dr Rami Abou Khalil from Saint Joseph University, Lebanon will present recent scientific advances and perspectives of Alzheimer’s disease and oxidative stress.

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