What is the potential role of D-limonene from the citrus peel oil in the breast cancer prevention?

Iman HakimPr Iman Hakim from the University of Arizona Health Sciences, Tucson, USA will present the potential role of D-limonene from the citrus peel oil in the breast cancer prevention, during Beirut Antioxidants World Congress 2017.

According to the study of Pr Hakim: "there is growing interest in natural antioxidants, including citrus oils. Limonene is a bioactive food component found in high concentration in citrus peel oil. It has shown antioxidant, chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic activities in preclinical studies. As a fat-soluble compound, d-limonene is more likely to deposit in fatty tissues such as the breast. Our data showed that dietary d-limonene and its major metabolite are bioavailable. There was a significant increase in plasma and adipose d-limonene levels at the end of four weeks. However, adipose d-limonene levels were significantly higher than plasma levels. Our results confirmed the accumulation of d-limonene in adipose tissue after oral dosing in humans and support additional studies of d-limonene for chemoprevention in tissues such as the breast that are comprised of a significant fat fraction."

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